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Saturday, 21 January 2017

Mushroom Soup

We spent a day and a night with a friend in France recently, and she made the most delicious mushroom soup for lunch.  I was moved to try and emulate it, as it was so good, and this was the result.  Very quick and easy.  Serves 4, unless you are greedy and have all of it, as we did!

1 punnet mushrooms
2-3 cloves garlic
2 tsp plain flour or cornflour
500 ml milk
500 ml stock (or water, and then you add a Stock Cube/Stock Pot to it)
A couple of dollops of butter
Salt, pepper, parsley

Slice 2/3 of the mushrooms and fry up in 2/3 of the butter with the peeled and crushed cloves of garlic.  When they are cooked enough to release their juices, sprinkle on the flour or cornflour and stir well, then add the liquids and season, and bring to the boil.  While this is happening, chop the remaining mushrooms finely.

Transfer the soup to a blender, and while it is not in the saucepan, cook the chopped mushrooms in the remaining butter.  Once they have released their juices, pour the soup back on top and bring back to the boil.  Serve at once.


  1. That sounds delicious but in good Czech style I would add some dried mushrooms for that extra kick! Even if one is lucky enough to be using wild mushrooms for the basic soup....

    I could make a fortune importing dried wild mushrooms from the Czech Republic!

  2. I would, if I had any - when I do, I often soak them to make mushroom stock for risotto, and then add the soaked dried mushrooms to give the risotto some oomph. Of course, what you really want is one of those boxes of mixed fresh mushrooms you can sometimes get in Sainsbury's... Lidl don't run to such luxuries!