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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Great chieftain of the whatsit.

So yesterday was Burn's Night, with its traditional offering of Haggis. Which we duly ate and enjoyed.

So, from my food diary:

06:30 Tea (Earl Grey, black, no sugar)

07:30 Banana, coffee (black, no sugar)

09:30 Satsuma, 3 lychees, some grapes, 1 slice bread with goats' cheese

12:45 1 slice wholemeal toast with scrambled eggs and smoked salmon; 1 slice wholemeal toast spread 1/2 cheese spread, 1/2 marmalade.

20:30 The aforementioned haggis, with all the trimmings (mashed potato, "bashed neeps", which is basically mashed swede) and leeks. Single malt whisky. Fresh mango.

23:00 Tilleul menthe infusion.

Not quite 2 litres water.

1 hours' ice skating, including 30 minute lesson.

And now I have a filthy cold and feel rotten!

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