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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Huevos Ranchos Tostados

This is probably totally inauthentic, but it's my take on what you are served if you order this in Giraffe! Serves 2.

2 tortilla wraps
1 quantity Chilli beans (or use a tin of!)
A little grated cheese
2 eggs, fried or poached
1 quantity fresh salsa, or your preferred type.

Heat the tortilla wraps in the microwave, spread with hot chilli beans, sprinkle with grated cheese. Top with an egg and fresh salsa. I believe the Giraffe version has either spicy sausage or a big mushroom (depending on whether you order the veggie version or not), and you can certainly add those, if you like, but they aren't really necessary. And if you use chilli beans out of a tin and salsa out of a jar, it's really quick. I prefer the home-made versions, though.

Food diary for Saturday 19 February 2011

Various cups of tea and coffee in the morning - I know I had two cups of coffee, in a greedy sort of way.

Breakfast: 2 slices fresh home-made bread, spread 1/2 slice each with chicken liver paté, blackberry jelly (Bonne Maman!), home-made marmelade and butter.

Lunch: Bacon and avocado sandwich on wholegrain bread. Banana.

Supper: 2 sausages from my brother's pigs, baked beans, leeks, mashed potato; home-made lemon tart.

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