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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Salmon with stir-fried vegetables and noodles

2 frozen salmon fillets
1 pack stir-fry vegetables with beanshoots
2 cloves garlic or 1 brick frozen garlic
Either a bit of root ginger, chopped, or 1 brick frozen ginger
2 plaques Chinese noodles (or a pack of fresh straight-to-wok ones)
1 tbs sherry (should be rice wine, but I don't have any)
1 tbs each dark and light soya sauce
1 tbs chilli sauce
Chinese 5-spice seasoning (or whatever)
1.5 tbs stir-fry oil

Put the fish into a frying pan with 1/2 tbs stir-fry oil. Allow to cook gently. If using dried noodles, cook as recommended on the packet - usually about 3 minutes in boiling water. Mix the sherry or rice wine, soya sauces and chilli sauce, and the 5-spice powder or whatever other seasoning you are using.

While the fish is cooking, heat the rest of the stir-fry oil in a wok, and cook the vegetables, garlic and ginger (you could add a chopped chilli pepper in there, too, only I forgot). When all but cooked, add the sauce mix, and bring to the boil. If using straight-to-wok noodles, add these now. Otherwise drain the ones you are using. You can either mix them in, or put them straight on to plates, topped with the vegetable mix and a salmon fillet.

Food diary for Wednesday 2 February

Stupid o'clock: Tea
At skating: Banana, coffee
Forgot to have any breakfast!
Lunch: Slice Gouda, slice toast with goats' cheese, packet Satay noodles
Snack: Slice barm brack with Cheddar cheese
Supper: Veggie barley chilli; tinned peaches and natural yoghurt.
Middle-of-the-night snack attack: Boursin sandwich with multiseed bread.


  1. Salmon is my favorite fish. I always cook this before and this new recipe that I found on your blog looks delicious. I will now try to cook this with my recipe for stir fry sauce and I hope that they are perfect to combined.

    1. Your recipe for stir-fry sauce looks lovely, thank you - although for salmon, I would use a fish stock rather than chicken, I think.